"Do you relinquish your humanity?"

"… Yes, I will fight to move forward, and protect the people that need it, even though I may not be human anymore."

Even with everything taken from me, and no one worth fighting for… I still have hope for a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s go Jehuty!


So long story short, when I began this campaign I am now currently in and wanted to be a warforged, this being my first time playing d&d ever, and my DMs first encounter with the little buggers, we agreed on my being a warforged scout. Well, through play, mine and my DMs love of Megaman and the X series, Cobalt pretty much got Megamaned. He got a buster and the like etc, got a charge shot, slide etc. Well I was looking at Docent and shot them by him. Instead of the normal bonuses the DM decided to say “F-this, I can make them better, and boy, you are going to need it.” Suffice to say after this last session, I had a choice between three “armor upgrades” essentially slapping me into X status with his shadow armor from X6.My other choices included the Blade armor or his X4 armor with a 5% chance to become the Ultimate armor from the series, but I preferred the look of the Shadow Armor, and it also fit my characters theme much better. In celebration of this, I bring you the battle theme that I played the entire time I fought the enemy who we had to destroy to obtain this new power of mine. I have a feeling the song will come up again in a personal battle that the DM has planned for us all to go 1vs1 against someone in.

"That’s one small step for man. One, giant leap for mankind."

One of the brave souls that redefined our thoughts of space and beyond again in our long love, history, and curiosity with the universe. May his light burn brighter than any Nova, lighting our way to exploration and the discoveries yet to come in this endless universe.

Neil Armstrong, 1930 -2012

His love knew no limits for her. Yet for what he was, the distance only grew. Yet she remained, ever present, waiting, and watching, waiting to help him remember, it is not the appearance, but the actions that dictate the soul.

So we come full circle from the beginning to the end…. No not really just wanted to say something of that nature. Speaking of the end though, I did just recently get through a xbox360 game that I had been playing through for a long while. Entitled Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, it is a small title put out by Bandai Namco Games a few years ago. While not the most polished, visually spectacular, or even most ambitious in story, what it has is heart, and very few games have pushed the idea that you don’t need to be the best at what you do, or that you don’t have to be born the chosen one. In Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, you are a simple thief that gets lucky, and along the way friendship and trusting someone gets you through it all. Not glory, not innate power, not some secret ability or magic maguffin you stumble across as your destiny. Just a simple token of friendship that brings the world crashing down and beginning anew.

Visually, this game is interesting. It takes a very bright color palette and never let’s go. While it uses lights and darks to great effect, it never forgets that at heart, the art continually enforces the message of the story, of trust and friendship. The bright colors signify this with the bright colors constantly reminding the player of a better future they are fighting for. The character design is very bland in most instances, Tepu looks as if little effort went into his design, along with most of the human cast. The bosses themselves are interesting along with the Majin, yet it all just feels, small in comparison to the environments. The cut scenes experimented with the comic come to life feel that a few games toyed with at the time of this one’s launch, nothing flashy and again feels half hearted. Animations however are fun and intriguing to watch, they really sell the characters personalities to the letter. Stay for the animation, but don’t be discouraged by the character design, there is more to look for in this game.

Story wise, it’s hit or miss depending upon who you are as a person. The story plays out much like a few of Hayao Miyazaki films, the notable ones being Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke. Show casing the relationship between nature and the human element showing that we can not simply exert our iron will over the other or vice-verse, that there must be balance between the two forces or the land will fall to ruin in either case. This analogy is portrayed between the relationship that develops between the Majin, being the guardian of the forest, and Tepu, the only survivor of the kingdom we ever meet, and his odd ability to talk to the local wildlife. It is a tale of friendship, and that trust and courage will win, though loss is something to be expected and that all journeys are never golden roads we walk on. It’s fun and engrossing if you want a somewhat light presentation, yet darker undercurrents in the dialogue. 

Sound, what can I say, the game sounds great. Music and sound effects work well in the realm for which they are designed and brought to life in. Music tenses and crescendos at the correct moments, it also softens and quiets in the correct ones as well. Though it is good, that is it, it is just good, nothing phenomenal about it, it just fits.

Mechanic and game play wise, ehh the game needs work. Controls in moving Tepu are shotty at times, often having the main character moving father than what is designated by the player with his controller. The Majin also has a trip animation put into his walking program, and while odd and funny the first few times, it grows annoying when weaving to and fro battles and solving puzzles. You can only stand the big dope so much before you wish his AI evolved over the course of the game. Combat is hit or miss. While the ability to interact with the Majin and his generated powers that grow throughout the game is fun and displayed well, again it feels off. Particularly in Tepu. The enemies, the darkness, never feel as if you are fully connecting with them. Granted part of the story says that conventional weapons can not kill or harm them. However, when you do gain the means to hurt and kill them, it never changes, it still feels as Tepu is throwing a sponge at them while they are using semis to hit him. Puzzles are a mix of good and intriguing, to boring and not a challenge. The bosses often have puzzle in how to defeat them and this good, while room to room puzzles will vary on your mileage of brain power and effort, often the answer is found within a few seconds. The camera however responds well, which always makes for a better experience of the game, when the character controls are thrown right out a window.

As stated in the beginning of this synopsis, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, the game is an odd mixture of good and bad, well developed and under developed. Good music and art, odd voices and character development. A decent enough camera, bad control choices and effects to enemies. The game has it’s highs and lows, but overall, an interesting game and idea on friendship and the message to care for the world that you have since it’s the only one we get. Take a look for it, though it will be hard to find. If you want an adventure game with friendship at its core more than the fate of the world, give it a whirl.

Nearly had the Druid in the group die on us.

DM: “Will Saves for all!”

Harlin The Palidain: “Pff what’s a will save?”

Cobalt The Rogue: “Piss on a stick…”

Lucian The Druid: “Should be easy.”

Avalo The Fighter: “GRR!!”

Jinto The Samuria: “I stab you!”

This is a mind flayer we are dealing with, a lich mind flayer so it could get fun.

Harlin “Easy” makes it.

Cobalt “That was odd” makes it.

Avalo “Haha” makes it

Jinto “Gadafi, shhh” makes it

Lucian “… Fuck.” fails

DM: “Oh Lucian…. You want to plan a big old wet one on his lips, and you think its a hot, sexy idea.”

This is when I proceed to laugh and slam my head on the table for what is bound to happen. Thankfully it dies before the make out session begins, but holy crap did I laugh while it was happening.

I want it all, money power, sex, women, glory, status! Nothing will ever clench this thirst! For I, am Greed! The Avaricious!

Since I haven’t done this in a long while, and just had a major idiosyncrasy occur with Cobalt, let’s review him, where he is now, what happened and why suddenly he is probably going to put his last two ability upgrades into con and wisdom.

First off his normal combat stats:


Warforged Scout Level 12: Rogue 10/ Swordsage 2

Strength: 18

Dex: 20

Con: 15

Int: 20

Wis: 13


Still anti social as ever, but still decently strong for his size, extremely smart fast thinking and faster than ever. Resilience is hit or miss, but those lovely immunities help with the whole poison thing.

Fortitude: 7

Reflex: 15

Will: 7

Low on fort and will saves but not so bad as to be completely crippled by them. Reflexes are good to go though.

Hp 75: Minor boost but still a glass cannon with neat toys.

His skills are in flux as of the moment though, I am retraining at least two that I thought would be useful in the campaign but have turned out to have no real use at all. Suffice to say he sneaks and hides very well, social skills are meh but he is built more for war then conversing with the people.

The major oddity was as some may remember he was originally Warlock /Rogue. After a few attacks from my eldritch blast, and me applying sneak attack to it, my dm stopped me realizing what I was finally doing. He ruled that eldritch blast could not sneak attack due to it being a spell/ spell-like ability. Thus he let me retcon the levels of warlock I took for something else due to build that I was going for and how not sneaking attacking with the blast would really cripple it. I thought unseen seer, but figured another campaign another time. I wanted to remain more martial, and swordsage into shadow sun ninja fits my play style more but also Cobalt’s actions and personality more so then a mage of sorts. There you have it, a brief update.

All I have to say, Awake is probably one of the best shows I have seen in a very, very long time.